Transport and logistics


When planning your transport, we coordinate all the activities involved in the transport process and adjust them to the delivery deadline and timing performance. This is why we first get all the information about the transport requirements and the pickup location. Then we plan the transport and pick the most optimal route. Lastly, we prepare and organise all the necessary documentation.


The client is informed that the cargo has left the warehouse. The steps we take when preparing our trucks for a journey. Drivers receive all of the documentation, ensure safe loading and properly secure the cargo. The client can monitor the cargo while transportation is in progress. Unloading at the recipient follows.  



The entire route is supervised by our consultants and the customer gets an insight into it as well. Our consultants are available for further clarification at all times and they keep the client informed if any unexpected obstacles arise along the way.  


Transport taken straight out of a catalogue

Our customer numbers confirm that we know how to organise the transport process. We can deliver a cargo on time to the minute, which is why companies that organise their production on a “just in time” principle trust us. We deliver on time in 98% of cases. Our fleet consists of 40 trucks equipped with electronic tracking and communication systems that meet the Euro 6 standards. All of our vehicles are regularly serviced in our in-house service centre, while our manual car wash makes sure they look immaculate.

We drive to over 1000 locations in 20 different countries

Do you need regular transport of large volumes or just a one-off? Are you seeking secure delivery to different European countries? We can provide all of this for you.

Our most frequent destinations: Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany and Switzerland.